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      From:www.9918470.com  |  2015-10-14 17:13

      Born in 2000 to greet the advent of the new century, www.eastday.com has kept growing on incessant exploration and innovation in an environment open to competition. Now operating more than 120 columns in three languages - Chinese, English and Japanese, it attracts more than 50 million views and over 3 million independent IP users a day on the average. With a business coverage ranging from news release, opinion swap, e-government, information service, and advertising to on-line cooperation, and an influence spreading to the Internet and wireless and TV networks, eastday.com is now the most influential, most authoritative and most trustworthy portal in Shanghai. 

      Eastday.com now runs one newspaper - The City Herald, 8 holding and 14 joint-stock companies, and extends its business antenna over e-commerce, Internet terminal chains, WVAS, technology development and transfer, information broadcasting control, corporate credit information systems, comparative shopping search, wireless positioning and monitoring, creative industry precincts, and other web- related sectors. Of its affiliates, the Eastday Bar, the Eastday E-community, and the Oriental Wisdom Valley have all grown into leaders in their respective fields. Eastday.com has also put up its head office building with its exclusive investment, a first in China.

      The company is now busy with restructuring of itself for the purpose of going public first and turning itself into an integrated media group with modern communication characteristics in the end.



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