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      Huawei launches P30 series in Kenya
      From:ChinaDaily   |  2019-04-11 20:50

      Huawei has launched its latest P30 series phones in the Kenyan market, with the P30 Pro series retailing at Ksh99, 999 ($1,000), the P30 at Ksh72, 999 ($730), and the P30 Lite at Ksh29, 999 ($300).

      One of the P30 series' signature features is its camera, considered Huawei's most advanced yet.

      Speaking at the launch event on Wednesday, Steven Li, vice-president of Huawei Kenya, said the Huawei P30 series represents a fundamental breakthrough in digital camera technology.

      "These devices feature the innovative Huawei SuperSpectrum sensor, an optical SuperZoom lens, a new Huawei time-of-flight camera, and enhanced optical and artificial intelligence, image-stabilization technology," Li said.

      "With these revolutionary technologies, the phones are enabled to capture incredible photos and videos in every scenario," he said.

      Li said the camera will reshape the public's perception of mobile photography, and that it will set the pace for the next generation of smartphones.

      "Since its inception, the Huawei P series phones have always been geared to drive one message to consumers: a smartphone can be beautifully crafted and lightweight, while simultaneously providing an outstanding photography experience," he said.

      Li said that that the phones bring technology and art together to deliver an experience that rivals DSLR cameras, without needing external accessories.

      In 2018, Huawei Consumer Business Group sales revenue exceeded $50 billion.

      Additionally, 206 million units of the company's smartphones were sold across the globe, an increase of 35 percent year-over-year.

      An International Data Corporation report put Huawei's smartphone industry market share at 14.7 percent, ranking third largest in the world and growing faster than competitors.

      According to Ipsos data Huawei's global brand awareness increased to 86 percent and consideration from global consumers increased from 44 percent in 2017 to 46 percent in 2018.

      Ipsos data also shows that Huawei's net promoter score has ranked first for three consecutive years in China and third in eight other markets, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland and Mexico.



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